Multilevel Compression of Linear Operators

Descendants of Fast Multipole Methods (FMMs) and Calderón-Zygmund Theory

Logistics and Syllabus: Yale, Fall 2005 Semester

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Catalog Number: AMTH510a

Instructor: Mark Tygert (Yale), in collaboration with Per-Gunnar Martinsson (U. of Colorado) and Vladimir Rokhlin (Yale)

Location: A. K. Watson (51 Prospect St.) Room 400

Times: 16.00-17.30 Mondays and Wednesdays

Grading: If you're taking the course for credit, your grade will be determined wholly by a "chat" with the instructor at the end of the course.


  1. Volume and Boundary Integral Equations
  2. Iterative/Not-Locally-Adaptive Solution Techniques
  3. Numerical Representations of Function Spaces and Linear Operators Based on Algebra
  4. Fast Methods for Applying Imbeddedly Separable Linear Operators
  5. Fast Methods for Applying the Green Operators of Time-Harmonic Wave Equations
  6. Fast Plane Wave Time-Domain (PWTD) Algorithm for the Solution of Time-Dependent Wave Equations
  7. Direct/Locally-Adaptive Solution Techniques
  8. Divide-and-Conquer Diagonalization and Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Techniques and Fast Algorithms for Special Function Expansions